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How we guarantee our services

We undertake our deepest responsibility that you can imagine for the services that we arrange. In reality, it can always happen that you will not find our services satisfactory. However we can guarantee that we will always face our responsibility and take it extremely seriously.

The quality of our services is an everyday imperative to our work so that our company can progress forward. Therefore we sincerely call upon you to provide us with feedback stating any of your observations, suggestions, ideas or dissatisfaction by any possible means.

We organize training and workshops for both our operators and individual taxi drivers. We strive to get the best out of our colleagues. Naturally, we are not always successful in our efforts and the quickest and most effective way to find out are, as we mentioned above, your reactions. By your reactions you render us great benefaction and show your loyalty. To put it simply, the more you complain, the more esteem you deserve form us.

So be it any way that you chose to express your dissatisfaction you will be without delay contacted by one of our workers who will deal with your complaint with the aim to provide the injured party with the most adequate satisfaction.

The first condition for the above mentioned undertaking of guarantee is the receipt for the realized journey. If by any chance the driver refuses to give you your receipt, you are not obligated to pay the fare.

For any type of complaints, please contact us by telephone.

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