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Co-operation criteria

Taxi Praha s.r.o. accepts individual taxi drivers or drivers of transportation of persons upon contract with their own taxi vehicles for co-operation with our dispatching centre.

(For those drivers who are interested but do not own an adequate vehicle we are ready to arrange an employment in a company vehicle of one of our co-operating operators.)

The basic condition is an adequate vehicle. Generally, it can be said that by an adequate vehicle we mean a vehicle of at least lower middle class in a good technical condition with both undamaged interior and exterior. The main condition laid upon drivers is good knowledge of Prague’s topography and good professional conduct. Drivers must have a Trade Permit or must be employed by somebody having such a permit. To starting drivers we can offer our advice about how to obtain such a permit or we can arrange employment for them at one of our co-operating employers - concessionaries.

EQUIPMENT OF A VEHICLE OF TAXI PRAHA s.r.o. – vehicle part IndelcoStar

Each vehicle is equipped with a data terminal. The driver only receives orders by means of the vehicle’s display (not by means of voice). The GPS device periodically measures the location of the vehicle. The order is thus only received by the vehicle which is located closest to the address of the customer. An advantage of such a system is that it compresses the time needed in order to get to the customer’s address. The data system of placing orders is much more discreet towards the client than any system found with the majority of other competitive services. The data transmission also lowers the number of mistakes and inexactitudes on dispatching an order between the dispatching centre and the driver.


Every data terminal is at the same time an on-line terminal for card payments. Thanks to this device you have the possibility to pay the driver for your journey by a payment card. Such a payment does not take longer than using a payment card when shopping.

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