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Why to use our services

  1. The highest protection against surcharge in Prague/li>
  2. The possibility to pay the fare by a payment card
  3. We will tell you the price of your journey in advance
  4. The whole journey is monitored by Global Positioning System (GPS), it can therefore be reconstructed

Information about the IndelcoStar system

Taxi Praha vehicles are equipped with one of the most modern navigation systems in the whole Europe, which is called IndelcoStar. The creators of this system are two Austrian companies FMS-Datenfunk and Austrosoft Weiss. The abilities of this system have been and are continuously being improved in practice in the course of time ever since the year 1986 in around 50 taxi dispatching centres throughout Europe. Approximately 50.000 taxi vehicles provide services navigated by means of this system.


Each vehicle is equipped with a data terminal. The driver only receives orders by means of the vehicle’s display (not by means of voice). The GPS device periodically measures the location of the vehicle. The order is thus only received by the vehicle which is located closest to the address of the customer. An advantage of such a system is that it compresses the time needed in order to get to the customer’s address. The data system of placing orders is much more discreet towards the client than any system found with the majority of other competitive services. The data transmission also lowers the number of mistakes and inexactitudes on dispatching an order between the dispatching centre and the driver.


Every data terminal is at the same time an on-line terminal for card payments. Thanks to this device you have the possibility to pay the driver for your journey by a payment card. Such a payment does not take longer than using a payment card when shopping.


Taxi Praha s.r.o. Call-centre is equipped with a dispatching server by means of which a data communication takes place between dispatcher’s work places and taxi vehicles. Thus it does not only distribute orders but it also ensures continual information exchange on the location of a vehicle, its statute and general information used by drivers when providing services to customers.

The dispatching server processes information received from dispatchers’ work places, which dispatch individual telephone orders. Thanks to excellent co-ordination work of the dispatching server each dispatcher has at their disposal all the information necessary for a professional provision of services to the customer.

A component part of the Indelcostar central part is several pieces of interconnected software which ensures highly professional form and impacts of the whole system on the quality of services.

By means of an Autobooking module it is possible to book a taxi in a fully automatic way – without any involvement of human operation.

Internet module is software, by means of which you can book a vehicle on our web pages in a fully automatic way. Via this module you can download the fill mask into your mobile phone. This mask does not only ensure an arbitrary taxi booking but it will enable you at any time to check the remaining time needed for the taxi to reach your address.

The module optimalizing routes is not only a very quick and exact meter of the price of routes. When connected with other modules, it can tell the questioner the final price reflecting the actual time of the day, day of the week and day of the month. The difference between this estimated price and the real price is in comparison with the real price of the order insignificant.

Modul CTI constitutes an intelligent connection between the telephone workplace and the work station of the dispatcher. The dispatcher is, thanks to this module, provided with all the relevant information about the caller before answering the telephone. This significantly shortens the duration of the phone call. It also lowers risks of errors and cross-talk on the part of the operator.

One of the best developed parts of the system is the Module for clearance of credit and cliental cards. This module enables the customers to pay by a current payment card right in the vehicle. When paying the driver for your journey you just sign the authorization slip and receive its copy. Another function of this module is the making of cliental cards.

Probably the most useful software for taxi service conditions in Prague is the GPS module. Thanks to this application it is possible at any time to reconstruct the route of any order. The system constantly monitors the location of the vehicles of its fleet. This safety device is the most reliable guarantee of the honesty of our services towards our clients.

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